education, graduation and people concept - group of happy international students in bachelor gowns waving mortar boards or hats

9 Ways To Make Graduation Memorable In The Time Of COVID-19

education, graduation and people concept – group of happy international students in bachelor gowns waving mortar boards or hats

By now, several batches of students have already graduated — albeit virtually — because of the ongoing pandemic. But despite the restrictions brought forth by the health crisis, it shouldn’t hinder you from making one of the highlights of your student life memorable and meaningful. From gifting personalized COVID graduation Christmas ornament to hosting a virtual graduation party, here are nine ways you can overcome and ace this challenge.

Decorate your space appropriately. Even if you and your classmates are commemorating this milestone apart, you can still have a festive atmosphere by thematically decorating your respective spaces. Involve your loved ones and put up balloons, streamers, and lawn signs to set the celebratory mood.

Send out graduation-themed ornaments. One of the things you can use to spruce up your home is a COVID graduation Christmas ornament. You can also go the extra mile and send personalized graduation-themed ornaments to your friends (and even your professors and other school staff).

Make and graduation playlist. Music is one of the best ways to make any celebration feel like it’s indeed a celebration. If you’re the music geek in your clique or class, curate a playlist featuring songs about graduation, gratitude, and friendship. You can send it to your friends and classmates once you’ve finished rounding up these awesome tracks.

Produce a video tribute. If you want to make things more memorable, you can also prepare and produce a video tribute. It can feature your fellow students, mentors, or your classmates’ parents. Video tributes are a great way to reminisce your memories as students and feel hopeful for your lives’ next chapter.

Create a digital yearbook. Speaking of looking back and beyond, you can also do it in the form of a digital yearbook. You can make this special by including photos of the special times shared by the class, and sharing your aspirations for the future.

Have a virtual graduation party. After your graduation ceremony, you can spend time by yourselves through a virtual graduation party. Ensure proper coordination so that everyone will be able to attend. Dress up, keep your decorations intact, and do a virtual toast. You can even send surprise delivery meals to your batchmates to spice things up.

Take photos. From prep time to the graduation proper to the virtual party, don’t forget to take photos. Because this milestone happens only once (and given that it coincides with a pandemic, making it more out-of-the-ordinary), it’s best to document so you can have souvenirs that you can look at in the future.

Share your snaps on social media. Graduations are special, inspiring moments. If you want to spark hope in these tough times, you can thoughtfully share some moments from your special day on social media.

Pay things forward. The COVID pandemic continues to wreak havoc on many people’s lives. One meaningful thing that you can do as you and your batch graduate is to pay things forward. Join hands with parents and your school administration and suggest donating to charity. For example, you can raise funds and give them to a charitable organization or deliver free meals to an orphanage or a home for the elderly.

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