How To Transfer Contacts From One Android Phone To Another

There are many applications to manage, Import, and export contacts on Android according to Movical although one of the most effective and straightforward methods is still through a Google account.

Through Google Account

If you are going to change your mobile but keep the same Google account, the good news is that generally, the contacts are synchronized with that account, and, therefore, you may not need to do anything. That said, it’s worth checking that everything is set up correctly, just in case.

The contacts of an Android mobile can be saved in different media such as in the mobile storage, in the SIM card, or online services such as Google, Huawei, Samsung, or many others. To pass all your contacts through a Google account, you must first copy them to your Google account.

First, Copy All To The Google Account

Each Android manufacturer includes its version of the contacts application, so the appearance and functions may vary. To make this tutorial more homogeneous, we rely on the Google Contacts app, available to everyone on Google Play.

After opening the app, unfold the side panel and enter the Settings section. Inside, tap on Import, and you will be shown a window with the available options. If you have contacts saved on your SIM card, choose to import them to your Google account.


What if you have contacts in other media, such as in the internal memory of the phone? Then you must use the official mobile contact application to transfer them to the Google account. There may not be such an option, so the process will consist of two parts: exporting the contacts to a VCF file and then importing them with the official Google contacts app.


At this point, all the contacts on your mobile will already be copied and correctly synchronized in your Google account. As much as you switch mobile, they will still be there as soon as you log into the same account on the other mobile.

Then use the same Google account on the other mobile.

On the second mobile, you don’t need to do anything except using the same Google account. Normally the synchronization of the account -including the contacts- is activated from the factory. However, if they take time to appear, you can go to Settings> Accounts> Google, touch on the account in question and check that the synchronization of contacts is active and working.


You will then have the contacts of the initial mobile in the second and synchronized almost in real-time. If you change, delete, or add contacts to one, the same changes will apply to the other. This, as long as you keep the Google account in both and connected to the Internet.

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