Some basic information regarding DayZ as a newbie

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As a newbie, and a zombie fan, playing DayZ would be a great choice. In this guide, you will learn some helpful tips but if you want more dayz cheats, we can help you out.

It is advised not to make friends

It’s best to have a partner for this game, since it’s the ultimate survival game. If it comes to establishing friends in-game, gamers must follow one tip. That is ‘do not make friends’. You can see it kind of like that web series ‘the walking dead’. The survivors don’t make friends because they are strangers and they can be dangerous.

Know that you should attack opponents as soon as you notice them, no matter the circumstances. Because there are no consequences for indiscriminately murdering others, gamers are being given a world that will encourage and reward highwaymen and bounty hunters.

New sickness

According to news and research, in patch 0.50, Bohemia made it so the world of DayZ was more difficult by adding a disease system. The illness mechanism, which is straightforward, has many phases. It can be itchy wounds, infected wounds, severely infected, and recovery, etc.

The duration of each stage varies based on damage severity and the character’s progression through the stages. Players who have their wounds infected will be more likely to starve or dehydrate, therefore it’s essential to consume food and water at every stage of treatment.

However, in the new version of DayZ, the sicknessis fairly easy to treat. Wounds can easily be cleaned with either antibiotics or alcohol tinctures. Survivors will be given the Stage 4 healing phase instantly upon application of the improvised medication.

DayZ database

As for DayZ DB, the most difficult part of the game is memorizing the global map. The breadth or map of ‘Chernarus’ is so vast that even a skilled player will have trouble understanding the location of the whole country.

It would help to have a second monitor. Otherwise, if you need to look anything up, just switching to the DayZ DB tab will be helpful. The website of DayZ has a detailed map of the whole game environment, including details such as helicopter wrecks, road networks, and more.

You can also find out some dayzhacksand there you will get more help about the road map. People playing the game should be able to read street signs in the game, which they should do when they are in the same area on the map. To survive, players must be within speaking distance of one another. Luckily, there are glossary entries accessible for each Russian word.

Having an M4

According to research, the M4is considered the most desirable weapon.And it is also the most difficult to get. Many years ago, locating an M4 was simple. They were located in the most ordinary places on the map. It’s a whole other situation now in the new version of DayZ.

There are two known ways to get an M4. You can obtain one by killing a player who has one, or hunt for crashed helicopters.

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