Some Tips For Taking Pictures Alone

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Before the pandemic, we updated social networks almost daily with several clicks with friends, parties, travel, among others. But the time is different now, and we are spending more time at home. So, learning how to take pictures alone can be the way to go up on social media.

If you’re in solitary isolation or don’t always have someone willing to take a good picture of you, we’ll give you five tips for taking pictures alone. Check out:

Have Tripod And Timer As Best Friends

To be able to take photos alone, the first step is to position the cell phone. The traditional way to do this is with the help of a tripod, but if you don’t have it, be creative and improvise, resort to a pile of books or something that you can support your cell phone. And in addition to the tripod, don’t forget the timer, your friend, when shooting alone.

Click Other Parts Of Your Body.

One of the things to keep in mind is: selfie doesn’t have to be face-only. A selfie is a photo you take of yourself, regardless of whether it’s your face or not. Other parts of the body make pretty cool photos. If you’ve been given a watch or a pair of shoes, for example, consider taking a selfie of these items.

Use The Light To Your Advantage

Lighting is everything! Look for a well-lit environment in your home and preference photos during the day, with natural light. If this is not possible, use the light of a lamp or invest in a ring light.

Discover Your Best Angles

We all have our best angle, and it’s up to you to find yours. Like, for example, a side of your face you like best, or even an angle that highlights a part of your body you love. Invest in them; everything is valid when improving your selfie.

Escape The Cliché

Runaway from that primary photo with looking at the camera and smiling. Register by fussing with your hair, sipping your favorite drink, flipping through a book, or taking a bite of that delicious treat. To loosen up, a great idea is to train in front of the mirror.