Timeless Romantic Movies From South India

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Who does not wish to enjoy a lazy night on the couch watching romantic New Telugu movies onlineEveryone wishes to enjoy it at least once a month as it refreshes your mind. Due to the pandemic, watching movies in theatres has become quite difficult. But when you have platforms launching new films every one or two weeks, it becomes easier to watch them. 


The movie is directed and written by Poluri Krishna and produced by P. Chandra Kumari. The star casts are DrishikaChander, Munna, PavitraJayaram, Ravi Varma, and Subba Rao. Maahiramsh composed the music, and the cinematography is done by Ram K. Mahesan. The film editing is done by Marthand K. Venkatesh. 

The story 

The movie is in a small village in Chittoor district, named BuchinaiduKandriga. It is a period drama, showing the love of Swapna played by DrishikaChaer and Balu played by Munna. They both love each other from a young age. Initially, Balu was in love but slowly, Swapna also fells for it, and after some time, the couple ran away, shocking their parents. But it does not go well the Swapna’s father, Veeraswamy, played by Ravi Verma. He is strictly against their match. In the film, you will get to see what he does to separate them. He is a caste-obsessed person and wants to protect his honor. The couple struggles to save their love. 

More about the film 

The last hour of the movie is watchable, and everyone has killed it performance-wise. Ravi Varma is playing the character of an antagonist, and he justified the role. It is available on aha app so whenever you get some time from the busy schedule, watch them. The 122-minute movie was released on 21st August 2020, and the writer has done a brilliant job by creating the story beautifully. 

How has AHA media helped people watch movies from their homes? 

Thanks to AHA media which has made watching films easier at home. Romantic movies give you a tool to cope with the experiences in real life. They show what people can do in love with each other and how fantastic movies can be created. Watching films is also a way to spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones. It rejuvenates you and makes you feel energetic the next day when you start to work. 

In the end 

Several types of films, like comedy, horror, etc., are available on the best platform. Opt for a subscription, following which you can watch movies as many times as you want. Not only that, but you can watch them at any point in time. Many people can also watch it, and you can download movies to watch in the future. 

In a way, if you are traveling or waiting for your lunch, you can watch the series. Watching dram films also enhances your emotional intelligence as their narratives are showed most beautifully. Check the subscription you want to opt for before you start watching. 

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