Why do many celebrities like to raise French bulldogs?

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French bulldogs are very popular pet dogs. Many foreign celebrities have French bulldog at home. Here we mention why.

Fashion darling

The Frenchie dog is undoubtedly the darling of the fashion industry. The appearance is somewhat ugly, but eye-catching. The temperament is simple and honest, quite gentlemanly, and very photogenic. In particular, French bulldog can control many different styles of clothes and beauty dresses.

Quiet and calm

The Frenchie dog looks quiet and calm on the outside. The actual situation is also very consistent with the appearance that you see. French bulldog is a quiet dog, and has never liked barking. So many stars will like to raise Frenchie.

Small amount of exercise

As a pet companion dog, the French bulldog is a small breed of dog, so it does not require much exercise and is enough for activities at home. Small exercise and quiet dogs are really suitable for people living in cities.

Friendly personality

Although it is called a bulldog, the French bulldog is not fierce at all and has a very docile and friendly personality. On the contrary, the Frenchie is a good pet companion for children, can get along well with children, and will take the initiative to play with children.

Small appetite, not picky eaters

Small dogs generally don’t eat a lot of food. French bulldogs are not picky eaters except for small foods. They are very good dogs. The pet owners who raise dogs will worry about their picky eaters, but they don’t have to worry about this problem.

Will not tear down the home

Dog house dismantling may be a problem that many pet owners worry about headaches, but French bulldogs are happy to be quiet, have a docile temperament, and are not naughty. Raising Frenchie generally does not show house dismantling behavior. But all dogs have the need to grind their teeth. It is recommended that the pet owner of the French bull dog should buy some tools or snacks for the French bulldog, which can help the French cow clean his teeth and remove bad breath.

Easy to manage hair

The Frenchie is a short-haired dog breed, and the hair will not be knotted into a ball. It does not require the owner to bother to comb or cut the hair ball. It is more worry-free and easy for the pet owner. But it should be noted that French bulldogs shed hair and are prone to skin diseases.

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