Facts About Boosting Cell Phone Signal In Residential Spaces

Some people suffer from low network strength at home and office space. Phone signal boosters are one of the best ways to boost signal strength. A lot of consumers who want to buy a phone booster for home need to check about the size and square foot coverage of the device.

Square foot coverage is a key measurement that manufacturers use to help determine the coverage abilities of cellular amplifiers. In this article, we will uncover the truth about the use of cell phone signal boosters at home.

What factors impact the strength of the network at home?

Several variables help in setting the coverage expectations in cell signal booster devices.

  • External signal strength
  • Type of coax cable
  • Length of coax cable
  • Carrier frequency
  • Type of antennas
  • Number of interior walls
  • Amplifier gain (power)
  • Wall construction materials such as concrete, stone, metal, etc.
  • Environmental obstacles
  • Interior building materials

Myamplifiers is a leading company that provides the best quality signal booster 4G device to enhance network coverage. You will get the software in varying signal strengths for small, large, and medium-sized homes and offices.

Considering these variables will help in the determination of the coverage amount that a cell signal booster can handle.

Myths about phone signal booster device for home use

Mobile Signal Strength Boosters Are A Fraud

If you buy inferior quality and cheap devices then you may fail to get the desired output. Good quality mobile phone boosters do amplify a signal. They use large antennas to obtain as much phone signal from cell towers and offer you improved network coverage at home.

Mobile Signal Boosters Are Unethical

Countries such as UK and Australia have prohibited cell signal boosters as carriers have identified that they can restrict the operation of the network.

As of 2014, mobile phone carriers in the US approve boosters that fulfil the technical standards of FCC. Several wireless carriers that include T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc. have agreed to permits customers to make use of certified boosters.

Boosters Interfere with the Mobile Phone Network

Before 2013, mobile phone boosters got unregulated in the US, because they used to cause interference. In present times, boosters enhance mobile phone reception without sacrificing the cellular network.

The Canada and US have stringent regulations on mobile phone boosters that enable residents to make safe use of them. As the FCC certifies the quality and operation of boosters, modern devices don’t interfere with carrier networks.

Tips to determine the right signal booster system for home

  • Do not use the square footing coverage rating from the device manufacturer till you have the desired cell signal outside the building and open space inside the home without obstacles.
  • Check with an expert to suggest the right products based on the signal environment and your building.
  • Look at the shape of your site. Larger spaces may need a multi-antenna system.


There are several good systems available on the market that offers excellent network coverage to the users. To get the maximum benefit, it is important to buy the cell signal booster technology from a trusted manufacturer. Check about its quality and certification to expect the best network coverage for the place of use.

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