How To Use A Deer Cart

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Excitement is in the air as your deer is down and you have completed a successful hunt. You’ll be able to fill your freezer and provide for your family. The only problem is you need to get your deer from point A, the field, to point B, your vehicle.

If you’re thinking of dragging it, we’re just gonna stop you right there. Trust us; we’re doing you a favor. You don’t want to destroy the animal and expose your hard-earned meat to dirt and mud. There are better ways to do it that won’t destroy your back. Don’t get us wrong, there are times where it makes sense, such as downhill snow, but you won’t always have these conditions to work with. So what’s the alternative to transporting your deer?

Use a deer cart

There are light-weight packable deer carts that are easily transported. With the use of a single wheel, carry your gear through thick foliage and steep terrain with ease. Once you hunted your deer, use the cart to safely and effectively transport your trophy to your vehicle without straining your back or knees.

There are two common methods for using a packable deer cart that has a carrier. The primary method is for carrying smaller trophies up to 150 pounds. This method typically requires some form of an adapter that will install into the frame. This adapter will allow you to flip the deer carrier upside down and place it over the animal. After strapping the trophy to the frame, you’ll be able to flip the deer cart right side up.

The second method of using a deer cart is for carrying larger animals that weigh 150+ pounds. This method allows for entire larger animals such as elk or moose to be taken out of the backcountry. Big game can be deboned or quartered. The quarters of meat can be either tied directly onto the frame, on the top or sides or, placed in saddlebags or panniers.

Either transport method works well but is determined by your trophy’s size you are removing from the backcountry. No matter how you use your packable light-weight deer cart, you’ll be able to remove your big game and arrive at your truck without having destroyed or exposed your meat and hide. Dragging a deer does have its place on a snow-covered downhill trail, but otherwise, a cart is a great go-to option.

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